Participation at DAAD National Conference “Education in times of war”

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The Lab4All Project Manager, Prof. Dr. Antonio Notholt, participated on 27 and 28th of September at DAAD Conference “Bildung in Zeiten des Krieges” in Berlin.

Photo ©opyright, taken by Prof. Dr. Antonio Notholt on 27.09.2023 at DAAD National Conference “Bildung in Zeiten des Krieges”, Berlin

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) highlighted the critical role of academic cooperation in stabilizing and advancing Ukraine’s integration. Despite the ongoing conflict and challenges faced by Ukraine’s higher education system, efforts are being made to educate the next generation of academic professionals. President Selenskyj’s virtual meetings with students from German universities underscored Ukraine’s determination to align with the West and the EU through academia.

DAAD President Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee emphasized the need for secure and long-term funding for university cooperation programs. The DAAD successfully implemented emergency academic aid programs, securing around 21 million euros for projects in Ukraine. These initiatives focused on maintaining university operations in Ukraine, offering assistance and scholarships to Ukrainian students and researchers in Germany. Over 10,000 individuals have benefited from DAAD and Erasmus support.

Looking ahead, the DAAD proposed the establishment of a “German-Ukrainian University Network” to enhance academic exchange between the two countries. This network aims to establish strong connections between universities, train experts for Ukraine’s reconstruction, and facilitate EU integration through innovation and research-oriented approaches.

The DAAD advocates for sustained support for Ukraine’s European integration post-war, emphasizing the importance of long-term academic cooperation between German and Ukrainian higher education and science systems. A lasting partnership between Ukrainian universities, German, and EU-research institutions is seen as crucial for enhancing security and stability in Europe (from the online article “Der Weg der Ukraine nach Europa führt auch über die Wissenschaft” from DAAD press release on 26.09.2023 link here).