LAB: Second phase of the project is in action

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Life goes on despite on the war. Nowadays, remote education is especially important for Ukrainian universities. Good thing is that project LAB continues in a new phase as “Lab4all: Open Access Cyber-Physical Laboratories for Ukrainian Universities” .

During this stage, the partners will improve the existing remote laboratory experiments (RLEs). The RLEs are already used by students, so their feedback will be collected and evaluated. Issues of data security will be addressed.

The second phase will introduce the gamification approach to engineering education. Particularly, the course on Control Engineering, which is known to be a discipline with much abstract content. If it delivered poorly, it quickly becomes boring. That is why Dr. Antonio Notholt will develop game-style assignments, he will turn parametrization of PID-controller to a game.

Finally, the project aims to make RLEs available to as many Ukrainian (and German) universities as possible. The existing RLEs will be promoted via web-sites, workshops. Moreover: any interested university will be able to make their own remote laboratory experiment! The project team is preparing so-called ‘Open-Access Toolkit’ – a collection of guidelines for making RLEs. Diagrams, components, source-codes, descriptions – no secrets! Simple and clear, for absolute beginners.

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