LAB Project Meeting in Reutlingen

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From 13 – 19 November , Reutlingen University (RU) has hosted a delegation from Dnipro University of Technology (DUT) in the frame of the joint project Laboratories Across Borders. 

Workshops in the robotics laboratory of Prof. Arnd Buschhaus and control engineering laboratory of Prof. Antonio Notholt were at the center of the project meeting. Professors from DUT performed on-site training which comprised an introduction to the laboratory infrastructure, detailed demonstration of experiment setups involving industrial robots, motors and other hardware and -most importantly- test operation of the systems. As a result of joint discussion and evaluation of the remote experiments, several useful suggestions for optimizing the existing test stands and learning tools for students were derived.

Also, professors of both partner universities have discussed the curriculum of the specialty “Mechatronics”, which is delivered at both universities.

Moreover, a meeting between rector of DUT, Dr. Oleksandr Aziukovskyi, and president of RU, Dr. Hendrik Brumme, has taken place during the visit. Issues of international cooperation such as joint projects as well as both universities vision and mission for the years to come were addressed. The participants also discussed common challenges and opportunities.